From the Community to the community

Members within the equestrian community have been generous enough to donate new and used riding equipment and apparel. No item donated to TRLHO is for sale or will be sold. The items are purposed to provide equestrians with the things they may need or want. TRLHO will ship the items to the equestrian that submits an order form and a donation for that item first. 


There is a need for equestrians to "declutter" during the winter and spring months.  There is an even larger need for equipment and apparel in good condition to be re-homed and repurposed to riders who may need items. TRLHO is just the bridge!


How it works 

1. Submit an order form for the item(s) you wish to receive  

2. Submit a donation to TRLHO for the item(s) via PayPal  

3. Enjoy your apparel or equipment (generourly donated by another equestrian in the community) 

4. Give us a shout-out on Facebook @TRLHOO and help spread to the word  


-As always the funds raised go toward helping accomplish the mission of the nonprofit! The community needs a unique program like TRLHO!