Of the many things I'm involved with, the opportunity clinics bring me the most joy ”

— R.L. Jacobs

The “OPPORTUNITY CLINIC” is open to all riders regardless of income level, age, ability, or experience (riders are required to at least be able to walk and trot on their own). Rob partners with barns in different areas who are willing to donate the use of their facility to host the clinic. Although most riders participate on horses they own or lease, some facilities have donated the use of lesson horses to be used for riders who don’t have a horse. The organization intends to give back to the equestrian community in a unique way that inspires, uplifts, and encourages all riders. 

The Robert Lawrence House of Opportunity offers ongoing clinics throughout the year primarily in the United States. In lieu of the customary charges associated with quality training, riders are asked to make a donation to the organization. The funds raised throughout the year will provide grants to support equestrians in need of assistance. All donations to the non-profit are made payable to "The Robert Lawrence House of Opportunity".

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